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Hunt Showdown Update – Where are the patch notes?

Crytek surprisingly didn't release any update patch notes.

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Hunt: Showdown’s maintenance is over, and now Crytek has updated Hunt Showdown to update The update is very small, mainly addressing client crashing issues. However, we don’t know what they are, because Crtek never said, despite the last few hotfixes detailing technical issue fixes.

Hunt Showdown Update

The new Hunt Showdown update came with no patch notes whatsoever. Many people have been left wondering what exactly is going on with the patch. Some people want to know what client crashing it addresses, while many are asking about server fixes.

Many clips surfacing on Reddit show the servers getting lag between kills, random clipping into placements like bear traps and other general connectivity issues. We know since the Update, there have been several updates addressing the game’s instability. The new sundown game time was recently hotfixed with other quickplay events, model issues, and other client-side to server-side visibility issues. If you go back to, there were many bug fixes for UI, game client, weapons and server-side issues. It seems very strange that Crytek didn’t mention anything about what came in the update, regardless of how big or small the patch is.

It seems like there has been an update every Tuesday since the Light the Shadow update. Moreso, this is the only recent Hunt Showdown update not to have patch notes. If you feel some big issues affect the game, you might be in luck next week, hunter.

Hunt Showdown Maintenance

Hunt Showdown maintenance kicked off at 08:00 CEST to deploy the Hunt Showdown update. The updates were scheduled for two hours but only took roughly 40 minutes for the servers to go back live.

How do you feel about the current state of the game and the lack of detailed patch notes for technical issues? Let us know in the comments below!

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