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14 inch laptop dimensions

What are the dimensions of a 14 inch laptop screen?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023 12:53 pm
14 inch laptop dimensions How big is a 14 inch laptop

If you want to know what 14 inch laptop dimensions are, we’ll attempt to give you the best answer possible on this here page.

To begin with it should be noted that the frame/body/chassis of different laptops with 14″ displays can have considerable differences between them, so providing one lot of dimensions for this is pretty much pointless. However, the range of dimensions for 14 inch screens is much narrower, though they do vary based on the aspect ratio of the screen, and to a small extent the specific model of the laptop.

14-inch laptops do at least tend to be dead on 14 inches, rather than say 14.2″ or 14.3″, which makes things a bit simpler.

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How do you measure a 14 inch laptop screen’s dimensions?

The given value for a display’s size is usually quoted in inches and is the diagonal measurement across the screen. This can be measured from either the top-left to bottom-right corner, or the other way around. Note: the part you measure is the functioning screen itself i.e. the part that shows a picture – not the surrounding plastic/metal bezel. The same is true if you are measuring the width and height of the screen.

Be aware that a laptop’s screen can be a bit wider say, but a bit less tall, and still come out with a diagonal screen measurement of 14″ as it could if the opposite is true, meaning that although there is a typical standard for screen height and width, it can still vary.

4:3 screen 14-inch laptop dimensions (standard)

4:3 aspect ratio laptop displays are more old-school these days, however, they do still exist in some business and coding-focused machines.

The standard 4:3 14-inch laptop dimensions are listed below, though be aware these can still be deviated from a bit depending on the model (the display could end up a bit wider and a bit shorter for instance, or the other way round):

  • Width: 11.20 inches / 28.45 cm
  • Height: 8.40 inches / 21.34 cm
  • Area: 94.08 inches² / 606.98 cm²

16:9 screen 14-inch laptop dimensions (standard)

16:9 aspect ratio laptop screens are by far the most common, and until recently were the standard for gaming laptops (though 16:10 is taking some ground in this area).

The standard 16:9 14 inch laptop dimensions can be seen below. Again though, be aware that these can still change somewhat depending on the model (the screen might be a bit wider, but a bit shorter for instance, but still measure the same diagonally):

  • Width: 12.20 inches / 30.99 cm
  • Height: 6.86 inches / 17.43 cm
  • Area: 83.75 inches² / 540.33 cm²

16:10 screen 14-inch laptop dimensions (standard)

16:10 aspect ratio laptops are on the way to becoming the new standard, though they aren’t as common as 16:9 displays at this point. This aspect ratio provides the user more vertical headroom, making them better for reading documents and web pages.

  • Width: 11.87 inches / 30.15 cm
  • Height: 7.42 inches / 18.85 cm
  • Area: 88.09 inches² / 568.32 cm²

14 inch laptop dimensions FAQs

How big is a 14 inch laptop in cm?

The diagonal measurement of a 14″ screen will be 35.56cm.

This measures the active part of the screen, and does not include the surrounding bezels.

Is a 14 inch laptop a good size?

14-inch laptops are ideal for a portable device you can use for work/studying/creative software, if you need a bit more screen area than 13.3-inch laptops provide.

14-inch is also the smallest size that you’ll commonly find for gaming laptops, if you prioritise portability.

14 inch laptop dimensions : Final Word

We hope that this guide on 14 inch laptop dimensions has provided you with all the info you were looking for. Do make sure to have a looksie at our various laptop and gaming laptop guides in the top menu of the site.

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