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17 inch laptop dimensions

What are the dimensions of a 17" laptop screen?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023 10:17 am
17 inch laptop dimensions how big is a 17 inch laptop

What are the standard 17 inch laptop dimensions? The chassis of 17-inch laptops can differ substantially, so one can’t really give an answer to this, however range of dimensions for 17-inch displays is much smaller, and there is a standard around which the width and height are typically found.

The dimensions of 17-inch laptop screens can still differ, first of all with different aspect ratios, but also even between those with the same aspect ratio to a lesser degree.

Fortunately, most 17-inch laptops tend to be dead on 17.0″, although you do get some that are 17.3″ (and therefore have different dimensions).

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How do you measure a 17″ laptop screen’s dimensions?

A screen’s size is almost always quoted in inches and is measured diagonally: either from the top-left to the bottom-right corner or top-right to bottom-left. You measure the actual display section of the lid (the bit on which you can see a picture), not the surrounding bezel to determine an accurate size. To get the width and the height you also measure this same section.

Note that you can get laptops that have the same diagonal measurement of 17-inches, but that have different height and width: a bit taller but a bit less wide, or the other way round, can come out with the same diagonal length.

4:3 17″ laptop screen dimensions (standard)

You’ll almost never find a 4:3 aspect ratio 17-inch screen on a laptop in today’s market (they’re more common at smaller sizes, though still rare), but for completeness, we’ll list below the standard dimensions you could expect for one (though these can still differ a bit between models):

  • Width: 13.60 inches / 34.54 cm
  • Height: 10.20 inches / 25.91 cm
  • Area: 138.72 inches² / 894.97 cm²

16:9 17″ laptop screen dimensions (standard)

16:9 17 inch laptop screens remain the standard and by far the most common, particularly for gaming laptops.

The standardized 16:9 17 inch laptop dimensions are listed below. Do be aware though these can differ a bit from model to model (e.g. the screen could be a bit shorter but wider, and measure the same diagonally):

  • Width: 14.82 inches / 37.63 cm
  • Height: 8.33 inches / 21.17 cm
  • Area: 123.49 inches² / 796.71 cm²

16:10 17″ laptop screen dimensions (standard)

16:10 17 inch laptops are less common than at lower sizes, though you still get the odd one cropping up. This aspect ratio gives the user a bit more vertical screen real estate compared to 16:9, which is better for reading documents and scrolling through web pages.

  • Width: 14.42 inches / 36.62 cm
  • Height: 9.01 inches / 22.89 cm
  • Area: 129.89 inches² / 837.98 cm²

17 inch laptop dimensions FAQs

How big is a 17 inch laptop in cm?

A 17″ laptop measures 43.18cm across its screen, diagonally.

Is 17 inches big for a laptop?

17 inch screen laptops were, until recently, the biggest size laptop you would usually see on sale.

2023 has seen new 18 inch laptops hit the market, though 17-inches still remains the most common size for larger display machines.

17 inch laptop dimensions : Final Word

We hope that this short guide to 17 inch laptop dimensions was everything you dreamed it would be. Whilst you’re here, please do have a look at our myriad laptop and gaming laptop guides covering various price points and brands.

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