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Madden 23: How to spin

Updated: Aug 31, 2022 7:20 pm
Madden 23 Joe Mixon

When moving downfield with the ball in Madden 23, there’s a lot of great ways to avoid tackles. But even to this day, there’s nothing as smooth and effective than the spin move. With one simple tap, your runner can leave defenders helplessly sprawling in the air in attempt to take you down as you cruise by for more yards.

What’s nice about using the spin move, is the ability to pick whether you go right or left. With the option to go two different ways, you can leave defenders guessing and take advantage of whatever direction they opt against depending on how well you can calculate their pursuit angle.

Moreover, the spin move is the most fluid move you can implement when running with the ball in Madden 23. In other words, the spin move hardly impedes on or delays your forward movement in comparison to that of a juke, for example. This is very helpful because any time you linger in a given spot, can allow defenders to catch up to you and prevent you from gaining more yards than you could have.

Let’s check out how to use the spin move on all systems for Madden 23.

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How to spin in Madden 23

Playstation: O

Xbox: B


Additional Info: The most important rule when implementing ball carrier moves in Madden 23, is timing, and this applies to the spin move as well. If you commit too early, the defender won’t fall for it. And if you execute it too late, the defender will be too close for you to actually spin away from the tackle.

Before you try out the spin move, be sure to take a moment to see which offensive players have the best spin move ratings in Madden 23. This will make a significant difference when you execute the spin move in game.

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