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New Zen 3D CPUs could arrive before Zen 4 processors 

Zen 4 is lurking around the corner, but could we see AMD introduce more 3D V-cache-armed Zen 3 CPUs before the release of Zen 4?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022 3:34 pm
New Zen3D CPUs could arrive before Zen 4 processors
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The release of AMD Zen 4 CPUs is just around the corner, with AMD CEO, DR. Lisa Su confirming the release window of “fall 2022”. However, we might not have to wait that long to see a brand-new piece of silicon from AMD. Rumors are pointing to new Zen 3D chips that could cater to more budget PC builds. 

The Zen 3D leak

Reliable Twitter leaker Greymon55 has indicated that “several” new AMD Zen 3 processors are due to hit the shelves before zen 4 CPUs. We’re apparently supposed to hear more about this new mystery CPU line-up next month. So far, we’ve only seen the eight-core, 16-thread Ryzen 7 5800X3D boasting the 3D v-cache technology. Will AMD actually expand Zen 3D and release new CPUs this close to the launch of a new generation? 

The 5800X3D was released with some controversy surrounding it as it was clocked slower than the 5800X and locked, meaning we couldn’t overclock it. This, we assume, was due to the new 3D V-cache being unstable at higher clock speeds. However, some brainy people have managed to dial up core multipliers on the 5800X3D to squeeze a little more performance out of it. 

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3D V-cache is currently in a crucial teething phase, meaning it’s not developed enough to make mainstream but it’s not so much of a flop to keep it under wraps. This new Zen 3D rehash could be a new lease of life for the AM4 platform, especially if you’re not willing to upgrade to the new AM5 motherboards

We don’t yet know what SKUs are going to be released under the new Zen 3D rehash, but we’re not expecting anything more powerful than the 5800X3D. We believe that was the pinnacle of Zen 3D for this generation of processors. 

We’re seemingly only going to have to wait a month to learn more about the new Zen 3D CPUs. While more hardcore AMD enthusiasts will most likely be holding out for AM5. 

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