10 Big Navi Variants Expected In 2020

In the leadup to what we hope is a 2020 release, we’ve been hearing bits of news concerning AMD’s next lineup of graphics cards for a while now. While it was originally just a rumor at first, now AMD has confirmed that they are working on both an RDNA 2X and RDNA 3X architecture, everything is starting to tie together.

When Could We See Big Navi Release?

AMD looks to be set to announce their Big Navi GPU later on this year, although the date is not yet confirmed. There are some rumors that point towards both AMD and Nvidia unveiling their next generation of GPUs around September time which would correspond quite nicely with Computex 2020 which was postponed to that month.

Details Surface Over The Number Of Variants Available

Hardwareleaks.com has recently published a post that shows some of the future variants that could be seen as part of the Big Navi lineup. These mainly detailed units in Navi21, which is set to be the largest of the three RDNA 2 GPU based dies that AMD has planned.

The main talking points of Navi21, as detailed by user Rogame are as follows, up to 80 compute units / 5120 GPU cores, a die size of around 505mm², and 50% better performance per watt. This is still to be confirmed by AMD, but on paper, this looks like AMD has something special planned.

The list of GPU variants is as follows:

GPU VariantDevice IDPurposeGPU Variant is Similar to
Navi 21 XTX731F:D0Radeon RX (Full Die)RX 5700 XT (50th Anniversary)
Navi 21 XT731F:D1Radeon RX (Full Die)RX 5700 XT
Navi 21 XL731F:D3Radeon RX (Cut-Down Die)RX 5700
Navi 21 XE731F:DFRadeon RX (Cut-Down Die)RX 5600 XT
Navi 21 XTA731F:50NewUnknown
Navi 21 XLA731F:51NewUnknown
Navi 21 Pro XTA731F:11MAC Radeon PROUnknown
Navi 21 Pro XLA731F:13MAC Radeon PROUnknown
Navi 21 Pro-XT731F:10MAC Radeon PROUnknown
Navi 21 Pro-XL731F:12MAC Radeon PROPRO W5700

It’s interesting to note that there are no mobile variants on this list as well as the fact that Apple will be using four variants which isn’t too much of a surprise. With so many variants on this list however, it seems that AMD is really trying to make the most of this chip.

What do you think of these variants? Do you think these cards will be able to stand up to Nvidia’s next-generation offerings? Let us know down in the comments section below.