Could 3dfx Be Returning To The GPU Industry After 20 Years Out?

The GPU manufacturer has been acquired by Jansen Products, with plans to re-ignite its production days

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After 20 years, 3dfx looks set to make a return to the GPU industry – backed up by a post made from its new Twitter account earlier this week. The major GPU manufacturer filed for bankruptcy back in the early 2000s, selling most of its remaining assets to Nvidia for around $70 million. However, since then, 3dfx has been acquired by Jansen Product – who claims the GPU manufacturer will be making a return in the coming weeks.

Whilst this seems like good news for the industry, many individuals are speculating the legitimacy of the claims. One Twitter user went to the trouble of checking to see if the company had applied for the trademakrs – which they hadn’t. This led to many believing that the entire thing was all a big troll, however, that can neither be confirmed nor denied at this stage.

If 3dfx were to make a return, it would be big news for consumers – adding another contender to the GPU market which would potentially reduce the price of future GPU releases.

3dfx Acquired By Jansen Product Who Claim Big Announcements On August 5th

After 20 years out of the game, the new Twitter account suggests that the GPU manufacturer would be making a return in the coming weeks. For those that don’t know, back in the mid-90s and early 2000s, 3dfx was one of the major players in the GPU game – offering up hugely popular standalone graphics processing units and video cards. It climbed to success after the arrival of its Voodoo graphics series which hit shelves in 1996.

However, thanks to an array of shoddy GPU lineups after that, the company soon filed for bankruptcy – selling many of its assets to Nvidia for around $70 million.

With new life potentially being breathed into the downed GPU giant, we could see its revival in the coming weeks/months. The new Twitter account states that its first major announcement will be made this Thursday (August 5th) – sparking some excitement amongst aging consumers.

All being said, it’s still not clear whether or not this is actually real news. It could all be a big ‘troll’ as the kids say. However, one things for sure, if it is real, this could be huge news for the GPU industry, potentially lowering costs across the board in the near future.