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480Hz Gaming Monitors Coming to A Shelf Near You – Q4 2022

Gamers could see 480Hz monitors as soon as Q4 2022

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Ever since new-age LCD screens took over from yesteryear’s CRTs, users have been craving higher refresh rates and lower response times. This pairing is effectively what makes gaming ‘smooth’  – so it’s no surprise that the best esports players out there utilize the fastest monitors on the market.

At the time of writing this, the fastest monitors you can buy are 360Hz monitors – offering up blistering speed that actually gives you a competitive edge over your opponent. That being said, panel manufacturers AO Optronics and LG.Display are both pushing the boundaries once again, now putting 480Hz panels into production by Q4 2022.

LG.Display And AU Optronics Announce Intent To Create 480Hz LCD Monitor

For a long time, the 144Hz monitor was considered the pinnacle of LCD gaming. However, it didn’t take long for manufacturers to boost that number, with 240Hz hitting shelves in a relatively short time after. Since that date, we’ve seen the max refresh rate jump again, with 360Hz  (some even boasting 390Hz) now being classed as the best on offer.

At the time of writing this, 360Hz monitors are just about starting to break into mainstream gaming – albeit still incredibly expensive when compared to 144Hz alternatives. It’s for this reason that the announcement of 480Hz monitors comes as such a surprise.

LG.Display and AU Optronics are showing no signs of slowing down in recent times, now announcing the imminent arrival of 480Hz panels for LCD monitors. These new high-speed panels will add an extra layer of performance to the current batch of high-performance monitors, providing new levels of fluidity when playing fast-paced shooters.

If you’re the kind of person that plays fast-paced shooters such as Call Of Duty, PUBG, or CS:GO, chances are, a 480Hz refresh rate will likely improve your gaming experience, exponentially. The fast refresh rate means your game won’t seem nearly as jerky, allowing you to physically see movements before your opponent. Whilst you may not be able to see the difference with your naked eye, comparing two monitors under a high-speed camera offers a much more telling story.

AU Optronics Suggest 4K Gaming Monitor With 240hz Refresh Rate

More exciting news comes from panel manufacturer AU Optronics, suggesting that they’re not only working on a 1080p 480Hz monitor – but also a 4K 240Hz monitor as well. Whilst getting the required framerates to actually utilize this kind of monitor still seems unrealistic, the news is still incredibly encouraging for both competitive and casual gamers.

Sadly, there is still no news regarding the release date of said panels or when the production will start – meaning eager gamers will have to wait a while yet for what I’m classing as ‘the next-gen’ of monitor performance.

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