Activate The Mechanism Genshin Impact Relics of Seirai

Activate the Mechanism in Relics of Seirai - Genshin Impact

activate the mechanism genshin2
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The Genshin Impact 2.1 update is live for all platforms after recent server maintenance and as announced we have been treated to the new islands – Seirai and Watasumi. While there has been a whole bunch of new and exciting content, features, and quests, many Genshin fans that are trying to complete the Relics of Seirai quest are struggling with a puzzle to activate the mechanism.

The main objective behind the Relics of Seira quest is to solve the underground puzzle twice in order to open the chest. Activating the mechanism is a step in the Fujiwara Toshiko puzzle quest where you have to step on the pressure plates in the correct order.

Activate The Mechanism Genshin Impact – Fujiwara Toshiko Puzzle

To activate the mechanism on Relics Of Seirai you have to solve puzzles by stepping on pressure plates in the correct order. The first step is to stand on the middle plate, then the one on the right, then finally, the one on the left, before repeating the order of symbols across the entire floor until finished. If you watch closely there are clues but they are easily missed. Memorize the symbols in the order they present themselves (shown in the corner of the Fujiwara Toshiko’s Treasure Map) and then drop down into the basement.

activate the mechanism genshin2

The easy trick to completing this puzzle is to remember to always walk in a way that allows you to step on the pressure plates in the memorized order. You must step on the icons in a continuous order as shown on the treasure map, without skipping or jumping squares, so place close attention to the symbols you are stepping on and repeat the order until you have stepped on all of the plates.

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