Aliens Fireteam Patch Notes

Popular new co-op shooter Aliens Fireteam Elite 1.4 update has hit both PC and PlayStation servers, but the Xbox has not got its patch just yet. The Aliens Fireteam patch notes titled patch on the Aliens website feature a few changes to address general bug fixes, stability issues, and a few general matchmaking improvements.

Aliens Fireteam Patch Notes

At the present moment in time, the Aliens fireteam patch notes are not that in-depth. You can find a brief outline of the Aliens Fireteam patch notes via the game’s website. However, the developers do post most of their patch notes conversations via the official Discord server and Steam Forums.

The website details that patch  aims to fix bugs and early stability issues, along with eliminating some networking issues. While the patch is live on PlayStation and PC, developer Cold Iron hopes the Xbox edition will be brought in line with the new build soon. The developer has said they will officially announce the Xbox patch through the discord’s announcements page when it has finished routing to the Xbox patch servers.

While the new patch addresses other technical and server issues, a few known launch issues are still present. The developers have outlined the big issues they want to eliminate as soon as possible, including the Xbox server issues plaguing Aliens Fireteam Elite. Some of these issues include:

  • “Cannot join game” matchmaking errors.
  • Charge based abilities not benefitting from Cooldown Reduction Perks, affecting the viability of some class builds at the minute.
  • Automatic weapons gunfire sound effects can sometimes get stuck in a loop.
  • Some players are not being awarded the Specialist Elite Kit Skin upon reaching Rank 8.
  • The difficulty setting doesn’t save after a mission failure if the group is found through matchmaking.

Whether patch or Aliens Fireteam Elite patch 1.4 fixes these issues for good remains to be seen. We will keep the article updated until Aliens Fireteam Elite patch notes are properly updated rather than scattered around random forums and social media posts from Cold Iron. If you are enjoying the game at the minute, why not check out an Aliens Fireteam Elite weapons tier list.