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Alolan Geodude Pokémon GO Community Day set for May

Get ready to rock and roll this May

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 12:48 pm
Alolan Geodude Pokémon GO Community Day set for May

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Just days after April’s Community Day, the featured Pokémon for May’s Pokémon GO Community Day has been announced as Alolan Geodude.

Pokémon GO’s controversial Stufful Community Day took place on April 23, 2022, the first since Niantic announced that they have been reduced back down to a three-hour duration. However, collecting Candies was made easier with additional bonuses, and many trainers seemed to have great shiny success. Hopefully this means Niantic managed to turn Pokémon players’ frowns upside down, and you’ll be looking forward to the next one already – announced yesterday as Alolan Geodude.

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Alolan Geodude in Pokémon GO Community Day

Unlike Stufful, Alolan Geodude’s shiny variant is already available in Pokémon GO, so some Trainers may already have one or two orange rocks in their collection. However, Community Day gives everyone a chance to collect a family of Alolan Geodude shinies, while those who already have it can go on the hunt for a stronger one.

Alolan Geodude evolution

Alolan Geodude, like normal Geodude, evolves into Graveler, who in turn evolves into Golem. Therefore, you might be looking to catch at least three shiny Alolan Geodude during May’s Pokémon GO Community Day for a full set.

Pokemon GO Community Day Alolan Golem Rollout

Alolan Golem Community Day move Rollout

If Trainers evolve an Alolan Geodude during Community Day (and for up to two hours afterwards), the resultant Golem will learn the event-exclusive move Rollout. While not the most powerful Fast Move, Rollout builds incredibly quickly, so you can pair it with a strong Charged Move like Stone Edge or Wild Charge for a real Battle contender.

We have to admit, unlike what seems like the rest of the internet, we didn’t have a Successful Stufful Community Day, catching just three shinies in 183 Stufful encounters. That said, we’re not deterred for Alolan Geodude, and can’t wait to get out scouring rocks for the cute little fake-tanned dude.

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