Report Hints At AMD Ryzen 4000-Series Desktop CPU Launch In August Or September This Year

A new report suggests AMD is gearing up to launch the Ryzen 4000-series desktop CPUs in August or September. Although we’ve heard a lot about the Ryzen 4000-series mobile APUs, AMD remains tight-lipped about their desktop equivalents.

DigiTimes now reports that AMD was initially planning to lift the curtain on the Ryzen 4000-series desktop processors at Computex 2020, initially scheduled for May. Due to the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the expo was postponed to September. Even the new time frame is up in the air, and Computex 2020 will very much depend on how the global situation evolves in the coming months.

DigiTimes claims that sources at motherboard makers are saying AMD is aiming for a late summer launch, reportedly around August or September, more than likely at the rescheduled Computex 2020, if it goes ahead. It’s unclear how AMD will arrange the announcement if Computex 2020 falls through, but the suggestion is that AMD is set on that time frame.

AMD has confirmed that its supply chains remain largely in operation despite the coronavirus, partially aided by its close-knit relationship with the TSMC foundry, which will produce the expected 7nm process Ryzen 4000-series desktop CPUs.

AMD hasn’t confirmed as much, but the consensus is that the Ryzen 4000-series desktop CPUs will use the existing AM4 socket and introduce a new line of 600-series chipsets, although the chips are expected to be compatible with older chipsets too.

DigiTimes also reports that Intel is gearing up to unveil the 10th-gen Comet Lake-S desktop CPUs before the end of this month, according to sources. Intel is also reportedly set to announce the 400-series chipsets to match the Comet Lake-S processors. DigiTimes says that from there, motherboard manufacturers will push high-end Z490 boards by mid-May. More affordable H470 and B460 options will see the light of day at the tail end of May.