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AMD 5800X3D CPUs could be launching by the end of March: price, release date rumors

AMD could be selling its new processor very soon

Updated: Mar 1, 2022 4:47 pm
5800x vs 5900x

Announced at AMD’s CES conference in early 2022, we expected to see the 3D chiplets of the 5800X3D arrive around the summer of this year. However, according to Greymon55, this date has been pushed all the way forward. Greymon reports that the 58X3D chips have been shipped out of the factory, and will most likely hit stores later this month. Again like all rumors be sure to take this with a slight pinch of salt, but this is not entirely unexpected as we’re also thinking that Zen 4 could be hitting as early as this month.

Update 01/03/2022: Greymon55 has since stated that he heard that the chip would retail for around $350.

5800X3D release date is still up in the air

ryzen 7 5800x3d 3dvcache core i9 12900K 1 1

While the chips have indeed been shipped out of the factory, according to Greymon, the ball is still in AMDs court with regards to how they are going to release these powerful chips, in what is likely to be the last hurrah for the AM4 socket. If this report is to be true, then the release date of these chips is due to come for users who might have a lower-end Ryzen processor right now and want to upgrade to the best possible chip available on the AM4 platform before having to tear it all down when AM5 rolls around later this year.

5800X3d pricing rumor

The price of the 5800X3D is reported to be around $350 USD. But, this is not a definitive price, and Greymon55, the source of the rumor isn’t sure that this will be the official launch price of the chip, or if it’s even in the same ballparks. This is something that only AMD is able to answer to us in the future even though we hope it’s coming soon, if the release date rumors are to be believed, you can view the tweet from Greymon 55 below.

What’s new with these processors?

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The Ryzen 7 5800X3D is poised to be an 8 core, 16 thread processor based on the Zen 3 family of CPUs. However, it also comes with Ryzen 3D chips that employ a new 3D-stacked design of its die with an additional 3D-lined Vcachhe that could result in major performance gains and even parity with the i9-12900K. check out more on the 5800X vs the 5800X3D.

This style of design is set to be used moving forward with AMD’s future generations, and it appears as if this solution is simply a stopgap for now, in the middle of the road for users looking to maximize performance on the long-standing AM4 socket which so many people still use. It’s an interesting gambit from AMD to tackle the market share they have begun to claw back with their Alder Lake systems, but we’re going to have to see more from AMD that shows off chips that compete in the mid-range in order to truly see who wins this summer solstice battle. It will be unfair to be remiss to not say that the real fight between team Red and Blue is going to be coming slightly later this year, but we can’t wait to see how and where we’ll see eventual chips lie.

The shifts in market share between both companies are always interesting to follow, so we can’t wait to see how it all eventually shakes out. Nothing is better for a consumer than two companies racing each other to make the best possible products, and Intel seems shaken but has launched its counter in the form of 12th-gen. It remains to be seen as to how AMD actually manages to fare with this new line of CPUs through the summer.

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