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AMD & NVIDIA Set To Refresh Radeon RX & GeForce RTX Mobility GPUs

Rumours suggest both camps could refresh their mobility GPU range early into 2022.

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New rumours have emerged suggesting that both AMD and NVIDIA could be refreshing their mobility GPUs as early as Q1 2022. Early reports that hit headlines a couple of weeks back suggesting that NVIDIA would be preparing a SUPER refresh of its RTX 30 series lineup – no surprises there. Since then, Greymon55 has gone to Twitter stating that alongside the SUPER series push, both NVIDIA and AMD will also be refreshing its laptop GPU series next year – early next year. As per generational comparison, both the Radeon RX  6000M and GeForce RTX 30 series SUPER cards will deliver a slight uplift in both performance and efficiency.

AMD Radeon RX 6000M Mobility GPU Refresh

So, what exactly is in store for the new RX 6000M mobility GPU refresh. Well, as far as we can tell, team red will be optimizing the GPUs with higher clock speeds and faster memory clocks in order to get that uplift in performance. As many know, AMD’s existing mobility lineup is already an extremely efficient GPU – however, with the new updates being made to NVIDIA’s own mobility GPUs, they may struggle to keep up. The new NVIDIA GA103 GPU will feature the Navi 21 GPU which is simply too big and powerful for AMD to handle. If all goes well, we could end up in a Radeon Nano-type scenario where GPUs run on extremely low-clock and voltage-tuned configurations.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 SUPER Mobility GPU Refresh

NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series mobility GPU lineup did leave a lot of room for future improvement, meaning this refresh could see a much greater increase in performance when compared to AMD’s own refresh. We could also see the new GPUs shift to TSMC’s 6nm node, effectively increasing the efficiency of the mobility platform. Some rumours are suggesting that the Ampere GA103 GPU is heading for the mobility sector – which could see huge uplifts in performance for team green. The Ampere GA103 will be closer to the Ampere GA102 GPU and will enable more performance in the shape of a brand new flagship offering.

Final Thoughts

However, all being said, this is still very much speculation at this early stage – there have been no official statements made from either AMD or NVIDIA that suggest refreshes are on their way. However, one thing is for true, if AMD does plan to put a refresh into the works, you can bet your bottom dollar that NVIDIA won’t be far behind.

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