AMD Has Secured Over 50% Of Global Premium CPU Sales Says CEO Dr. Lisa Su

AMD Has Secured Over 50 of Global Premium CPU Sales Says CEO Dr. Lisa Su

According to CEO Dr. Lisa Su, AMD has upped its share of the CPU market for the tenth consecutive quarter. AMD's steady growth over the past two and half years has the company claiming it now holds more than 50% of the market share, notably when it comes to "premium processor sales at many top global etailers."

Su explained during AMD's recent Q2 2020 earnings call that client processor revenue has grown significantly compared to last year, reaching double-digit percentage increases in terms of shipments and average selling price.

In particular, in the desktop space, the overall demand for AMD's flagship Ryzen 3000 products and the older Ryzen 2000 CPUs feature widely among retailer bestseller lists.

AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPUs came to market during the summer last year accompanied by AMD's RX 5000-series GPUs. The CPUs were the first to utilize the 7nm process thanks to the collaboration with AMD’s long-standing partner TSMC. The Zen 2 architecture, with a leap in IPC over the previous-gen architecture, meant AMD made substantial gains in the gaming market thanks to upped performance.

Further helping AMD's fortunes are its cost-effective higher-core count CPUs like Ryzen 9 3950X and Ryzen 9 3900X available at lower prices comparative to rival Intel's products.

Similarly, AMD's older products, including the Ryzen 2000-series, continue to sell well, with many gamers still choosing the Zen+ chips over competitor alternatives. Even within the mobile laptop space, AMD is doing well thanks to the success of the Ryzen Mobile 4000. AMD says it's recorded 'double-digit percentage year-over-year.'

All these factors combined suggest AMD is well and truly charging ahead of Intel. The results are clear in AMD's latest revenue figures - AMD's Computing and Graphics section has grown by 73% compared to last year, securing the company a staggering revenue of $1.44 billion. This all bodes well for the future as profit is reinvested into future products, notably the upcoming Zen 3 architecture based chips and RDNA2 tech coming by the end of 2020.