AMD launch Maingear Sweepstakes Battle Arena for Fortnite

With a Maingear Turbo Gaming PC up for grabs

AMD Battle Arena
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Launching today in Fortnite is an in-game event organized by AMD, where they’ve worked with map creator MakaMakes to design a custom battle arena. Players can play on this custom created map for free, and players will be in with a chance to win a Maingear Turbo Gaming PC, by playing on the map between now and September 30th, then posting video clips of their session to social media with the associated hashtag.

To play on this map, you need to enter the map code “8651-9841-1639” in Fortnite’s creative mode.

The AMD Battle Arena can be played in three modes: Free-For-All, Box Fights, and Capture the Flag. Here are the specific details on each mode:

Free for All

  • First player to 30 eliminations, wins
  • Unlimited respawns
  • Weapons spawn randomly across the map

Box Fights

  • Last player standing wins
  • Eliminate all other players to win
  • Four minutes per round, five rounds total

Capture the Flag

  • Capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your own base to win
  • You only have one life per round
  • Five minutes per round, three rounds total

Map creator MakaMakes shared this video showing the process and tools he used to create this map, which is a pretty interesting insight for anyone interested in getting into level creation and modding.

Full rules for the sweepstakes competition are listed here, but the short version is that they’re going to be offering a $3,000 Maingear PC equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor and Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card to one lucky winner. To participate in the giveaway you’ll need to record a video clip of you playing in this mode, and share it to social media using the #AMDBattleArena hashtag, plus a few other requirements. We rated Maingear as one of the best providers of custom-built gaming systems, they’re known for reliable customer service and excellent quality control.