AMD Launches RX 590 GME GPU With Polaris 20 XTX In China

AMD Launches RX 590 GME GPU

AMD appears to have launched a series of four Polaris 20 XTX RX 590 GPUs in the Chinese market.

Aside from AMD flogging ever-cheaper versions of their cards, the move is interesting in that it suggests that AMD hasn't wholly shifted its production to the 7nm process for both Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs. And this, despite confirming as much at the recent AMD 2020 Financial Analyst Day. Whether they are liquidating remaining stock with a slight rebrand or actively manufacturing new low-cost cards is unclear.

Among these cards, is the Radeon RX 590 GME manufactured by XFX. There's not much to go on other than a review from Chinese site Expreview.

The card features a boost clock speed of 1460 MHz, 2304 cores, 8GB of GDDR5 memory, and uses a 14nm Polaris 20 XTX GPU, which makes the nomenclature somewhat confusing given that the non-GME XFX version of the RX 590 uses 12nm process Polaris 30 XTX and can hit a boost clock speed of 1600 MHz.

It's interesting because the least powerful RX 590 from POWERCOLOR with a 12nm Polaris 30 XTX can hit up 1545 MHz as opposed to the 1380 MHz of the slowest POWERCOLOR Red Dragon RX 590 GME. The suggestion is that the RX 590 GME may be more akin to a slightly overclocked RX 580, which hits 1340 MHz clock speed without any tinkering.

In the review from Expreview, the overclocking potential of the XFX RX 590 GME wasn't too encouraging, with the card struggling to push anything above 80 MHz due to a roadblock of quickly appearing problems.

Regardless of what AMD is up to, the review didn’t frame the GPU in the best light, pushing would-be consumers toward the more expensive RX 5500 XT as a more viable alternative with better performance and more overclocking potential.