AMD Navi GPUs may release before October 15

AMD Navi GPUs may launch before October 15 1

Good news for AMD fans, we’ve got some news about the AMD Navi GPU release date. It’s looking like these GPUs are going to be arriving by at least October 15th. A Mesa Comit was dropped on September 17th for Mesa 19.2 which had its final release a day later. 

The next library release for the Mesa 3D graphics library isn’t scheduled until around October 15th. This makes it appear as if the people who handle AMD’s open-source projects wanted to get the support for the 19.2 library in before the next release. We could be seeing compatible GPUs available before 19.3 even drops.

While we still don’t know what specs the new Navi 12 or Navi 14 GPUs will have, it looks likely that these are going to be successors to the popular Polaris range of cards. This means the new Navi GPUs will need to perform a lot better than the current options available to even be seen as worth it.

What are they up against?

Currently, the RX 5500-series graphics cards are performing particularly well on a performance and price point. For the new Navi cards to be worthwhile, they will have to outperform, or at least match up with cards such as the RX 570, 580, and 590.

If the Navi cards do somehow manage to outperform their predecessors then this may also cause problems on NVIDIA’s end. With NVIDIA’s GTX 1650 Ti rumored to be coming out late October, this card would also need to compete with the aforementioned RX 5500 series.

Final thoughts

With the market for cheaper but ‘budget’ graphics cards becoming stronger, this is good news for gamers on a tight budget. We will have lots of options in the future when it comes to picking up parts for our next build, or even if we’re just looking for a quick upgrade. 

What do you think? Do you believe these rumors about the AMD Navi GPU release to be true? Do you think the Navi GPUs will match up to their predecessors? Let us know in the comments below.