AMD Partners With Oxide Games To Build Game Streaming Tech

AMD has partnered with Oxide games in a multi-year partnership that aims to develop game streaming technology. With a lot of users not happy with Google Stadia on release and Nvidia’s GeForce Now losing games left right and center, it’s unsurprising that AMD wants to capitalize. 

What Does Game Streaming Have To Offer?

Game streaming has come a long way in the last couple of years. With more and more gamers unable to afford top specification gaming machines, many have turned to services such as Google Stadia for their enjoyment. 

However, it’s also been a rocky ride. With a lack of games and connection issues causing a lot of problems, some titles such as FPS games are borderline unplayable. 

Even though AMD currently produces GPUs for both Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, this doesn’t really stop them from broadening their horizons. 

Who Are Oxide Games?

If you haven’t heard of Oxide Games, they made the popular title Ashes of the Singularity back in 2016. This title was developed on the Nitrous Engine and was one of the first games to support Vulkan and DirectX 12. 

Considering the impressive technological advances that Oxide Games made with Ashes of the Singularity, especially when it came to rendering active units, we can see why AMD has chosen to partner with them – even though they have yet to release a follow-up title. 

When speaking about the partnership, the president of Oxide Games, Marc Meyer said “Oxide’s motto is to bring games to life that have never been seen or experienced before. We built the Nitrous Engine specifically with that purpose in mind”

The Nitrous Engine is a great fit for those running AMD hardware as it scales a lot better across more cores. Marc Meyer also went on to say “AMD’s commitment to gamers and their leadership in pushing the edge of state-of-the-art hardware is a perfect complement to Oxide’s commitment to the same excellence in software.”

If we hear any more news about AMD’s new partnership with Oxide Games and when we can expect to see this new tech, we will keep you updated.