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AMD Radeon Pro W7900 & W7800 release date set for Q2

AMD has unveiled the W7000 series Pro GPUs, offering unique features and, of course, an improved ability to tackle heavy workloads

Updated: May 26, 2023 4:23 pm
AMD Radeon Pro W7900 release date AMD Radeon Pro W7800 release date

AMD has finally unveiled its AMD Radeon PRO W7000 Series graphics cards, their most powerful workstation models to date. The series will include the AMD Radeon PRO W7900 and AMD Radeon PRO W7800 SKUs, both of which are built on AMDs RDNA 3 architecture. These are expected to deliver significantly higher performance compared to the previous gen cards and hopefully offer decent price to performance.

The W7000 Series are the first professional workstation GPUs to feature the new AMD Radiance Display Engine, which features DisplayPort 2.1.

AMD Radeon Pro W7900 & W7800 release date prediction

AMD stated they plan to release the Pro W7000 series in Q2. No concrete date but we predict the release around the 15th of June, although with Computex around the corner maybe they could be available to buy sooner.

AMD Radeon Pro W7900 & W7800 specs

  • AMD RDNA 3 Architecture
  • Advanced Chiplet Design
  • Dedicated AI Acceleration and Second-Generation Raytracing
  • Up To 48 GDDR6 Memory
  • AMD Radiance Display Engine with DisplayPort 2.1
  • AV1 Encode/Decode
SKUWorkloadsCompute Units
(Peak Single Precision)
Memory Bandwidth
Memory Interface
Display Outputs
(up to 80 Gbit/s
max total bandwidth)
AMD Radeon PRO W7900Extreme
9661 (FP32)48GBup to 864 GB/s

3X DisplayPort 2.1
1 mini-DisplayPort 2.1
AMD Radeon PRO W7800

45 (FP32)

32GBup to 576 GB/s256-bit
3X DisplayPort 2.1
1 Mini-DisplayPort 2.1
Source: AMD

The AMD Radeon PRO W7900 graphics card is tailored for extreme workloads, offering an impressive peak single precision performance of 61 TFLOPS (FP32) and boasts 48GB GDDR6 memory, a significant increase from the 32GB available on the previous-gen models. The AMD Radeon PRO W7800 SKU features 45 TFLOPS (FP32) and comes equipped with 32GB of GDDR6 memory.

AMD Radeon Pro W7900 & W7800 price

Both cards come with the expected high price tag, with the flagship W7900 featuring a SEP of $3,999. The Radeon Pro W7800 will come in at $2,499, with the cards expected to be available to buy from retailers this quarter and in OEM/ SI systems in the second half of the year.

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