AMD Releases Ryzen 4000 Mobile Renoir Processors

Laptops powered by AMD’s Ryzen 4000 Mobile will be available for preorder today, with customers able to get their hands on them in a few weeks’ time.

AMD has released some key information on the processors and has confirmed that the Ryzen 9 4900H is the flagship CPU for laptops. 

What Are The Renoir Specifications?

AMD’s Ryzen 4000 Mobile processors will be based on Zen 2 architecture and use a refined version that is specifically tailored towards laptops and mobile devices. Codenamed “Renoir”, the new chip will feature up to 8 graphics units and 8 processing cores plus 16 threads. 

AMD says that this will give it a 25% IPC gain over the Ryzen 3000M but with 20% lower SoC power, 2x higher power efficiency and 5x faster state switching. 

The Renoir chip will be built by TSMC in 7nm node and uses 9.8 billion transistors which is twice as many as the Picasso series of APUs.

Interestingly, all Renoir CPUs will be using 7nm Vega graphics so the integrated graphics will definitely see a boost. 

We also know from a statement from Rick Bergman, VP of computing and graphics at AMD, that the battery life will be impressive. Bergman said: “We’ve moved all the way up to as much as 18 hours with our new Ryzen product.” 

This means that the Ryzen 4000 Mobile APUs will be capable of 18 hours of battery life which is great news for gamers.

Going Up Against Intel

While Intel has pretty much dominated the laptop market in recent years, AMD has been quickly taking some of that market share away. New releases like the Ryzen 4000 processors only confirm that Intel has some solid competition ahead of them in the laptop and desktop PC markets. 

With what AMD claims are the world’s most advanced laptop processors being released today, this should be enough for Intel to start worrying.