New CPU Support Listing Leak Showcases Expected AMD Ryzen 9 3900 and PRO 3900 Specifications

An update to motherboard manufacturer Biostar’s CPU support list hints that AMD will be releasing 3900 and PRO 3900 variants of its flagship, but increasingly challenging to find, Ryzen 3900X processor.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900 and PRO 3900 Specs

The details were picked up by leaker extraordinaire, momomo_us, in relation the CPUs supported by Biostar’s X470NH motherboard. The leak suggests that the Ryzen 9 3900 has a base clock speed of 3.1 GHz and TDP of 65 W. The PRO 3900 reportedly features identical specifications.

Past rumors place the boost clock speed at around 4.2 GHz, although unfortunately, Biostar’s support list stopped short of confirming this. As always, a degree of skepticism is recommended, but the leak does appear genuine given an EEC listing for both the 3900 and PRO 3900 that popped during the summer.

What’s New?

In comparison to the existing Ryzen 9 3900X, the basic 3900 variant takes a hit on the clock speed front, down from the X’s 3.8 GHz, as well as the TDP, down from the X’s 105 W, but retains the same 12 core and 24 thread architecture. The upside is that it is expected to retail at a lower price than the 3900X. 

The PRO 3900, on the other hand, would be identical to the 3900 but with a few choice upgrades thrown in to warrant the PRO tag such as added security features aimed at the business market. The price would still be lower than the existing Ryzen 9 3900X.

Manufacturer listings are generally a good sign that a big fanfare launch is right around the corner, but with the recent supply troubles encountered by AMD in relation to the Ryzen 9 3900X, the situation isn’t exactly ideal for a new product release, if only in terms of manufacturing enough units to make a release worthwhile.

Final Word

To add to AMD’s troubles, the Ryzen 9 3950X is widely expected to launch imminently, which would add even more strain on AMD supply chain. It’s also a busy time for AMD’s other CPU and GPU lines with the new Threadripper CPU expected in November, alongside entry-level Ryzen processors and Navi GPUs expected shortly.