AMD’s Zen 2 Will Be Key To Higher Frame Rates On Xbox Series X

There’s good news for those looking to purchase the Xbox Series X later this year. Xbox Series X could be capable of increased frame rates thanks to a little help from AMD’s Zen 2 architecture. This could mean the ability to play titles at 4K with 60 FPS or 1080p with 120 FPS. 

Phil Spencer, Xbox boss, said that Xbox’s decision to move from AMD Jaguar cores to Zen 2 cores will see higher and more consistent frame rates while gaming.

“I think we’ve reached a point with Xbox One X in the generation where games look amazing, and there’s always work we can do to look more amazing. But I want games to feel as amazing as they look. We don’t have that in today’s generation, mainly because the CPU is underpowered, relative to the GPU that’s in the box, in order to reach a feel and frame rate and kind of consistency or variable refresh rate and other things that we want,” Phil Spencer said.

This is the same CPU architecture found in many of the best CPUs of today. Zen 2 offers huge performance boosts which makes it a good rival to the best of Intel’s CPU architecture.

What Is Zen 2 Architecture?

Zen 2 is AMD’s 7nm CPU architecture which now powers the likes of AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper series

Zen 2 marked a big boost in performance and power efficiency for AMD. It meant that Ryzen 3rd generation processors would see power requirements reduce which also meant lower temperatures and therefore greater ability to overclock

Who Else Will Be Using AMD Zen 2 Architecture?

Xbox will also be joining the likes of Microsoft and Sony who will also be using AMD’s Zen 2 architecture in their next-generation models. 

PlayStation 5 may also end up using the same technology as a result. PlayStation 5 is already adopting some of the same technology that the Xbox Series X will be using, including AMD 7nm CPU, an SSD and hard-ware accelerated ray tracing. It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to assume they will also be adopting Zen 2 architecture to go along with it. 

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