The Official Among Us Crewmate Costume is a real thing

YuMe's official Among Us inflatable crewmate costume available in time for Halloween,

among us costume

If you’ve ever tried to imagine what life would be like if everyone at your place of work or education was forced to wear an Among Us costume, the good news is that you can now ponder the bigger questions in life, because the official Among Us Crewmate costume is now a very real thing.

Sus Among Us Costume Sizes

Available just in time for the Halloween party season, the inflatable Among Us costumes are available in adult and kid sizes, and in four colors – red, yellow, pink, and black. The adult version is little on the short side, topping out at 5 feet 9 inches (180cm), while the visor obscures the face. The child size has a mesh for the visor, presumably so that parents don’t inadvertently start roughhousing someone else’s offspring and end up on a register.

The Among Us Crewmate costumes do have holes for arms to poke through, so you can take your Among Us LARP sessions to the extreme and probably bludgeon someone from behind, but it doesn’t look like you could perform any intricate starship maintenance with them on.

Where to buy an Official Among Us Inflatable Crewmate costume

Availability may be a bit limited as word spreads among gamers and gaming parents, but the Among Us costume can currently be bought in limited supply from Amazon, and will be available soon at Walmart, HMV and other retailers around the world. Batteries are not included, by the way. (4x AA required to power the fan used to inflate the suit.)