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Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2.0 sets release date, brings massive changes to the cute life simulation game

Final update ACNH 2.0 is the most in-depth one yet.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021 3:36 pm
animal crossing new horizons update

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2.0 has set a release date, and will include several incredibly asked-for characters and game features as part of the final free major content update for the game. Lots of these changes are going to be game changers for long-term players of the Animal Crossing series, so we’ll tell you all about them below.

What is Animal Crossing Update 2.0’s release date?

Animal Crossing Update 2.0 releases on November 5, 2021

What’s in Animal Crossing Update 2.0?

The Roost 

As was advertised back in the September Nintendo Direct, Update 2.0 brings The Roost to the island museum, which is a cafe owned by Brewster. You can go there to buy the finest coffee, and enjoy it with both your island villagers and with visiting friends via. Online play. If you own Animal Crossing amiibo cards, you can now use them to invite characters to come for a drink. Sometimes, they’ll even bring their own friends! How nice. 

Kapp’n returns to Animal Crossing

Kapp’n the Kappa will arrive with his boat. If you go for a ride with him, he’ll serenade you with sea shanties, which is just as adorable as it sounds. You’ll eventually arrive at a mysterious island, which has different fauna, seasons, and even times of day to your regular island. 

Harv’s Island changes in Animal Crossing Update 2.0

Harv is renovating his island, which was previously home to just the photography studio. He will be adding a plaza with shops to the island with the help of Harriet the hairdresser. If you contribute enough bells then permanent shops will be established for characters like Sahara, Kicks, Reese, Cyrus and even Tortimer. We think we even spotted that shady character Crazy Redd. 

Harriet will also teach you newly-added hairstyles, which should pair nicely with the additional character customization options that are also going to arrive in New Horizons Update 2.0.

Villager Interactions in Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2.0

animal crossing new horizons town plaza

A much requested feature is finally here! When you get close enough with your villagers, you can be invited to their homes for a proper scheduled visit. Don’t miss it, or they’ll be upset with you. Villagers can also swing by your place if they’re nearby to hang out, which should make simulated animal friendships feel more real than ever. 

There are new reaction animations that will let you communicate how you feel in-game even more, which will pair nicely with new eye level and tripod camera modes for even more great photo opportunities. 

You’ll also soon be able to get involved in some group stretching at the plaza outside of the town hall with your villagers. You can use the buttons, or do it for real with motion controls. If you have friends visiting from other islands, they can join in too. 

Speaking of the town hall, we’re excited to announce that island ordinances return from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. These are general rules you can have the people on your island follow. We always really liked Beautiful Island, which means that islanders will pick the weeds for you. No more spending an hour cleaning up each time we pop in for a visit!

Cooking and Farming in Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2.0

animal crossing new horizons wade 1

Last year they added pumpkin patches during the Halloween event, but soon you’ll be able to have proper farms for tomatoes, wheat, sugar, potatoes, carrots and more. You’ll also be able to follow cooking recipes, and create new items that can be used for decorations or to make your villager friends happy. Our best friend Wade the lazy penguin is about to live like a king.  

Island customization changes in ACNH 2.0

There are several new ways to customize your island coming in Animal Crossing 2.0, including a storage shed that will extend your home storage, an outdoor ABD (the in-game ATM machine) and a selection of new furniture that will come to the shop. 

The amount of slopes and bridges per island will be increased from 8 to 10, which should lead to many more interesting designs from those fans that play around with their architecture. There are several new fence types, which can be customized, including park fences. A new tool called the “ladder set up kit” has also been added, which will let you put up ladders to get around, too.

Gyroids also return. They must be dug up after planting fragments for a night and watering them. Each unique gyroid makes interesting sounds and enhances music playing nearby with it’s beeps and boops.

animal crossing resident evil 2

House customization changes in ACNH 2.0

A pro decorating license will open up several new options, including new lights and other ceiling decor. You’ll also have the ability to change out single walls for chic, modern looks. 

ability to change single walls and increase your design options. If you want to experiment with these before putting them to use in your own home, then you’ll want to play the paid content update Happy Home Paradise that will also come out in November. 

K.K. Slider is going to release 12 more hits. As usual he’s a master of many styles, so you’ll get really different songs like K.K. Break and K.K. Polka. They can still be requested on his Saturday gigs, which will get you a copy that can be played at home.

We think this new Animal Crossing update is incredible, and we’re frankly astounded by all the new and varied content. We can’t wait to get our hands on it this November. If you’d like to watch the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct yourself, then you can do that below. 

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