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Apex Legends 1.80 Update Patch Notes

Delce deeper into the Apex Legends 1.80 update

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September 14 is here, meaning that Apex Legends 1.80 patch has arrived. It brings with a whole new Season 10 Collections event, along with news that the Tap Strafing is not leaving just yet, along with other general goodies. If you want to know what is coming in full, the Apex Legends 1.80 Patch Notes are here.

You’ll find that they are the same as the 1.79 patch notes, but for some reason, some players are getting different game versions when nothing has changed. Anyway, let us delve deeper into it.

Apex Legends 1.80 Update

One of the biggest things confirmed in the new Apex Legends 1.80 patch is that the Apex Legends Tap Strafing is not going away just yet. The reason why is because it seems that Respawn Entertainment is finding other bugs resulting from the strafing changes. Therefore, the mechanic is not changing for now, and Respawn will still actively work on it but only push the tap strafing changes when they know it’s good for the game and player skill.  It could release when the actually Apex Legends version 1.80 patch notes launch, but that is mere speculation.

If you want to know more information on why Apex Legends tap strafing is not yet going away, you can read more from Respawn itself.

Season 10 Collection Event

The Season 10 Collection event is going live with the Apex Legends 1.80 patch notes. The collections event was teased some time ago, celebrating the new Rampart rework. Many guns are changing, which is fitting since the LMGsmith herself is also getting a brand new kit.

Fan favourite weapons like the Hemlock, R99 and more are getting new skins for you to get through the Season 10 Collections event. Respawn Entertainment published a very quick peek at the skins that you will be able to grab later today (September 14).

Moreso, these new skins are accompanied by the Limited-Time Event, Big Maude. Rampart is taking over King’s Canyon, as her predecessors like Octane, Mirage and more have done so in previous seasons. There is now a whacky funhouse filled with moving targes, both players and props for your to blast away at. You can get a glimpse of the new LTM from roughly one minute in the clip below.

If you’re interested in more Season 10 Apex Legends content, check out our Season 10 Apex Legends Tier List, along with the best weapons to go with them. You’ll want to take a look since the Arena mode is getting ranked this patch too!

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