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How to get Apex Legends next-gen upgrade

PS5 and XSX players get new versions of the shooter

Updated: Mar 29, 2022 10:39 am
How to get Apex Legends next-gen upgrade

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There is a new upgrade rolling out for Apex Legends today (March 29), providing new graphics improvements to next-gen players of the battle royale.

New graphics updates are coming to Apex Legends in a new, next-gen update. Rolling out with the March 29, 2022, Warriors Collection event, the new update will bring increased refresh rates, and HDR compatibility, with future updates including PS5-specific updates and 120Hz gameplay.

What improvements are included in Apex next-gen update?

ImprovementPlayStation 5Xbox Series SXbox Series X
4K OutputXX
60Hz gameplayXXX
HDR compatibilityXXX
High res shadow mapsXX
Greater LOD distancesXX

How to download Apex Legends next-gen update to PlayStation 5

Apex Legends next-gen update PS5

If you already have Apex Legends installed

  • Head to the Apex Legends Game Hub on your PS5 Dashboard
  • Press Options (“…”), found next to the Play Game button
  • Press Select Version, choose PS5 and download the new app
  • Go back to your Game Library and delete the old PS4 version

If you don’t have Apex Legends installed

  • Head to Your Collection on your Game Library
  • Locate Apex Legends in your list of games
  • Select the PS5 version and download

How to get the Xbox Series X|S Apex Legends next-gen update

Players on Xbox next-gen consoles don’t actually need to do anything to get this update. Thanks to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery, the best version of Apex Legends will automatically be delivered to your console. Though you might want to check your updates to be sure, and push it through manually if needed.

Apex Legends next-gen Warriors update
Apex Legends Warriors Collection Update

What else is coming to Apex Legends on next-gen consoles?

For those still desperate to see 120Hz gameplay, there is another next-gen update in the pipeline which will bring those faster rates. However, you’ll have to stick with 60 for now. According to the original post on ea.com, adaptive triggers and haptics are coming to PS5 in a future update, as well as more visual and audio improvements to both PlayStation and Xbox next-gen consoles.

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