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Apex Legends: Story of the Outlands Gridiron deepens Bangalore’s lore

Bangalore's lore got a whole lot bigger

Updated: Jan 4, 2022 5:16 pm
Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands Gridiron

2022 has arrived, and Apex Legends’ world is off to a flying start. EA and Respawn Entertainment have dropped a new Apex Legends Story of the Outlands trailer, albeit this time on Gridiron. The feature of the story is on Bangalore and her brother and their interactions at the battle of Gridiron.

Apex Legends: Story of the Outlands Gridiron trailer

Above, you will find the new Apex Legends: Story of the Outlands Gridiron trailer. The trailer features the story primarily centred on Bangalore, one of the playable characters in Apex Legends. Moreso, it features her brother, with both of them fighting in the battle. During the battle, it appears there is some tomfoolery, which causes Bangalore and her brother to get injured during the battle featuring Titans and Pilots. One of these pilots seems to be rather active o the ground, going invisible and attacking Bangalore.

The two of them find themselves in one of the Outland planets, located in the Oasis map that is currently live in the game. One of these areas of the planet features a sandstone village with the crew of the ship, building a new life. However, that doesn’t stop Bangalore from calling an SOS for friendly IMT vessels. Eventually, IMT turn up, and it turns out it hits the fan, with iconic Bangalore ultimate dropping over the town, and a fight to the death beginning with Bangalore, her brother and a Pilot.

It is worth mentioning this is one o the first times we have had an Apex Legends Story from the Outlands trailer, which hasn’t given us a clear indicator of the new Legend. The Last Stories from the Outlands trailer features Ash, the Pilot suit that became the most recent addition to the Apex Legends playable roster. Perhaps this is a long one because of its lore reasons. However, it remains a mystery who is the new Apex Legends character. Perhaps it was someone in the trailer. Perhaps it is a Bangalore rework? Who knows? All we know is that it seems Respawn are building on their lore even more, which is a great sign.

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