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Apex Legends update changes the Rampage LMG, bringing it and the Sentinel back

The two charge-up weapons of Apex Legends are back in action.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022 1:31 pm

Players were briefly spared from the trail of bodies Rampage and Sentinel users were leaving behind. Certain players had encountered a bug which allowed them to keep both the Rampage and the Sentinel in their charged states permanently. Back in December, Respawn had though they’d fixed the bug, but it became quickly apparent that a number of players were still abusing this bug. Forcing Respawn to remove the two guns altogether from the game, to hopefully fix the glitch.

Well, from January 13th, the Rampage and Sentinel are back. Although the sniper rifle hasn’t changed, other than the bug being fixed, the Rampage – on the other hand – has seen a slight nerf.

Respawn: Twitter

The Rampage’s damage per bullet total has gone down, from 28 to 26. In addition, each shot will consume more of the charged state. Respawn are trying to balance the weapon which has seen some… interesting opinions. Some players love it, whilst others think it’s broken.

Although the Sentinel isn’t the most popular sniper rifle, it’s a powerful weapon when fully charged. And in the hands of a skilled sniper, this weapon can potentially lead to a devastating squad wipe-out. And the Rampage has been known to deal a frightening amount of damage onto unsuspecting squads.

Apex Legends Update Size

As to be expected, this update is a relatively small one. So small it is , there’s not been any official amount released by Respawn just yet. In fact, it’s likely you won’t even notice the download at all.

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