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Ashfall release date delayed until 2024

This post-apocalyptic MMORPG looks incredible but when is it coming out?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023 10:43 pm
Ashfall release date delayed until 2024

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Ashfall is coming this year to grace us with yet another interesting-looking MMORPG. Developers Legendary Star Studio drop us into this post-apocalyptic future where AI has risen up and seeks to destroy mankind with nuclear war – something we can all potentially relate to with current AI development. This is the studio’s first game, with Michael Mumbauer and John Garvin having previous in the likes of The Last Of Us and Days Gone.

The videos and images available depict a fantastic-looking world and it’s a familiar premise that is yet to get boring. The game will be playable in July via a beta test on PC and mobile.

Ashfall release window prediction

A lot can happen in game development, we see delays and complications all the time. In Ashfall’s case though, it looks promising that there may be a playable beta by July of 2024. This will give the devs ample time to deliver on a Q3 of 2024 release window. During the beta test, they will look to iron out any issues and fully stress the game before launch, so we predict a mid-august release date if there are no issues.

Ashfall will bring players single-player action, online PvP, and online co-op. What is great to hear is that Ashfall will be crossplay between mobile and PC for online multiplayer. This means you and your pals can take on the giant worms, humanoids, talking rabbits, and robots together. While on your adventure you will also be chasing down traitors, repelling rebel sieges, crafting equipment, and uncovering new civilizations and species.

Ashfall isn’t going to require a lot of power to run either with developers recommending relatively low-end CPUs and a GTX 1060. The game will only require 20GB of storage space but does require a 64-bit processor and OS.

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