Astro Gaming Confirms Xbox Series X Will Support Wireless Audio Via USB

New details from headset manufacturer Astro Gaming offer the best indication yet that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox Series X console will offer support for wireless audio and voice chat via USB.

Astro Gaming took to Twitter yesterday to confirm that it is working with partners at Microsoft to offer a firmware update for its MixAmp Pro TR, A50 and Base Station, and A20 headsets to deliver in-game surround sound and voice chat through USB.

Astro Gaming notes that the plan is to push out the update in time for the release of the Xbox Series X. Microsoft’s console is currently penciled in for release during the holiday period at the end of 2020.

The suggestion is that the Xbox Series X will be geared to support wireless audio and chat through USB. The news will surely please would-be Xbox fans who’ve long had to contend with the less than ideal audio features of the existing Xbox One console.

As it stands, wireless audio and voice chat are limited to Microsoft’s own bespoke technology. This means only a small selection of officially-vetted headsets offer wireless connectivity. These headsets employ an optical audio port-connected base station to transmit wireless signals rather than rely on an absent USB option.

Even this limited wireless audio solution was in question when the company announced that the Xbox Series X would forego an optical audio output. Many were left wondering if their headsets would be rendered obsolete and unusable on the Xbox Series X as a consequence. USB connectivity should open up the spread of supported options to a much more extensive range of models. 

Astro Gaming’s update now confirms that fans shouldn’t be worried. With USB support, players will be able to use an even broader range of headsets on the Xbox Series X.