ASUS Goes For Portability With New ROG Strix XG17 Monitor

Portability isn’t a term often thrown around when it comes to desktop gaming, but ASUS seems set to reverse the trend by unveiling the ASUS ROG Strix XG17 at Computex 2019. Ostensibly the first portable gaming monitor, the Strix XG17 caters towards gamers that are on the move with refresh rates up to ultra-high 240Hz, 3ms response times, and a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

An IPS panel with viewing angles up of 178 degrees allows a degree of flexibility when it comes to position making it ideal for the different setups of hotel rooms or LAN events where you can’t always guarantee the same distance between the user and the monitor.

Connectivity is assured by a pair of USB Type-C ports and two micro-HDMI 2.0 ports which allow connection to a full gaming rig, consoles, laptop, or even a smartphone. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your headset at home as the monitor has two inbuilt 1W speakers.

In terms of dimensions, the monitor measures in at a thin ½-inch width and weighs in a measly 800 grams, ideal for lugging around. There’s also support for Adaptive-Sync technology, although no specifics have surfaced about whether this refers to NVIDIA or AMD’s brand of monitor syncing.

With convenience in mind and conscious of the fact that a portable monitor is handled far more than a desktop counterpart, the ROG Strix XG17 is fitted with a matte panel to avoid pesky finger marks. A full metal chassis helps to withstand the trials of transit, while the brushed back ensures it doesn’t get scuffed during transport. The monitor is also fitted with a dual-purpose cover that acts as a protective casing for the front panel when on the move and as a stand with classic and angled positions when in use.

Additionally, the monitor will ship a DisplayWidget utility for fine-tuning and game-specific settings through the GameVisual feature. An integrated-battery for mains-free use allows up to three hours of 240Hz use with longer battery life expected for lower refresh rates.

ASUS has remained tight-lipped about pricing, but the 240Hz refresh rate may hike it up higher than expected, although the manufacturer is known for its competitive prices so we could be in for a very affordable monitor. There’s no firm release window either, but rumblings on the grapevine at Computex suggest summer 2019 is a good bet.

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  1. Jaimi Chong

    *Summer 2020? And I believe they revealed to some German source that it’d be around $600ish. Little high, unfortunately.

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