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Select ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 GPUs to feature Noctua cooling solution

ASUS will collaborate with Noctua for a selection of custom-cooled GPUs

Updated: Sep 30, 2021 4:22 pm
Select ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 GPUs to feature Noctua cooling solution

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There have been rumours regarding an ASUS-Noctua collaboration floating around for some time now. Well, those rumours look like they’ve come to fruition recently, with ASUS’s Vietnamese sales representative picturing the ASUS-Noctua love child on their ASUS Facebook page.

The ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 will feature a custom Noctua cooling solution which – according to sources – looks set to be 2 x NF-A12x25 fans that will be embedded into the shroud. At the time of writing this, there are no early indications to suggest how the new custom cooling will perform, however, if Noctua case fans are anything to go by, there should be a solid improvement over the standard alternatives.


ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 To Hit Vietnamese Shelves Soon

We first heard whispers of the potential ASUS-Noctua collab back in August when Twitter leaker Komachi_Ensaka spotted the following RTX 3070 SKU (RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA) in an ECC listing. ECC stands for Eurasian Economic Commission, a public record of electronic devices that are set to be imported into the region.

Any potential listings for the ASUS-Noctua GPU soon died off after this, only to resurface recently thanks to the picture spotted over on the ASUS sales representative’s Facebook page. The page seems to have been removed since then, however, the pictures clearly showed two brown/bague fans built into the shroud. Furthermore, ASUS X Noctua branding can be seen on the side of the shroud, alongside GeForce RTX as well.

ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 Noctua specs

As far as specifications go, we aren’t 100% sure what the new GPU could entail at this early stage. However, from the pictures, it looks like 2 x NF-A12x25 fans will be used for the RTX 3070 collab. Thanks to the addition of Noctua fans, the card looks like one of the chunkiest ASUS have designed.

Looking at the rear, the card looks set to feature 3 x DisplayPort and 2 x HDMI ports. Thanks to the thickness of the card, I would estimate three slots being taken up at the rear of the case. Dual 8-pin connectors will power the RTX 3070 Noctua, with a large heatsink being seen just underneath the main shroud.

As far as pricing goes, the initial leak suggested a 26 million Dong price tag – which loosely translates to over $1000 US. When you compare that to the retail price of other RTX 3070 GPUs, you’d have to say the Noctua looks set to be one of the most expensive on the market. But, as we know, pricing rarely sticks to standard currency conversion.

All being said, the ASUS-Noctua collab RTX 3070 GPU looks pretty impressive. If Noctua can produce superior cooling to the standard fans, it could allow greater levels of overclocking for future GPUs. That being said, this first SKU looks set to be a test model to see how consumers react to the exciting new partnership. Only time will tell whether the RTX 3070 Noctua is a hit or a flop.

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