New ASUS RTX 2060 Cards To Cater For Mini-ITX Builds

For those who enjoy building on the smaller side of things, you’ll be excited to hear that the RTX 2060 card will soon fit in your system. ASUS has listed two new RTX 2060 graphics cards that are targeted towards small systems. 

The cards in question

These two cards are the Dual RTX 2060 Mini and the Dual RTX 2060 Mini OC. The cards are mainly identical, apart from the OC variant, which comes overclocked out of the box for a small performance boost. 

Each of these cards will measure 19.7cm in length, which is ideal for those running with a Mini-ITX motherboard. You’ll pay the price in the form of the small number of output ports for a size this small, though. This model will come with one HDMI, one DisplayPort, and a DVI output port at the rear.

The cards are powered by an 8 pin PCIe power connector and come with the usual amount of RAM for the RTX 2060 – 6 GB of GDDR6. The base clock of these two cards will be 1,365 MHz, the boost clocks measure at 1,680 MHz, and 1,725 MHz and the OC clocks measure at 1,710 MHz and 1,755 MHz respectively. 

Both cards will come with a dual-fan cooler that only uses two slots; this is to make sure you can fit these cards into the smallest of systems. 

Final Word

It’s always great news when small-sized builds get a bit of love. One of the best parts about going small is trying to find ways to achieve the most amount of performance while working in a constrained area. While ASUS hasn’t shared the price of these two cards just yet, we imagine they will be priced similarly to the current RTX 2060 offerings or lower.