State of Play Reveals First Babylon’s Fall Gameplay Footage

We got our first look at Babylon’s Fall way back at E3 2018 during Square Enix’s showcase. We’ve heard very little in the interim, and you’d be excused for having entirely forgotten this one was on the cards.

Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall is being developed by action game maestros PlatinumGames, the studio responsible for the excellent Nier: Automata and the more recent Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain. As you can tell, there’s some serious pedigree there, which bodes well for Babylon’s Fall.

Babylon’s Fall Gameplay

Today’s State of Play produced a brand new trailer featuring our first look at Babylon’s Fall’s gameplay in the flesh.

From what we’ve seen so far, the game falls firmly into the action genre, although much of what we can expect remains shrouded in mystery despite the gameplay footage.

A vast open-world sets the scene for fluid, quick-footed combat teeming with lighting fast swordplay, aerial takedowns, a dose of magic, and some pretty nasty looking giant-sized bosses to square up to.

What’s interesting is that it marries broad vistas of almost brushstroke-like art with precision visuals accentuating combat moves through light effects.

From the towering monasteries that dominate the landscape to the choral hymns uttered in the closing portion of the trailer, Babylon’s Fall is unabashedly somber and Gothic, and that’s no bad thing. Think somewhere between Dark Souls and Devil May Cry, which should please a broad swathe of gamers out there. Whether that translates to the final product remains to be seen.

Final Word

Incidentally, the trailer ends with a note saying we can expect more news about Babylon’s Fall come this summer. A berth in publisher Square Enix’s E3 2020 plans seems almost inevitable. The game was initially slated for release in 2019, so E3 may possibly produce a firm release date.

Square Enix says Babylon’s Fall, when it does finally release, is heading to both PlayStation 4 and PC.