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Back 4 Blood patch notes – Christmas arrives with offline campaign progression

The Back 4 Blood Christmas event is here, along with the patch notes for the December Update.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021 2:39 pm
Back 4 Blood patch notes – Christmas arrives with offline campaign progression

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Turtle Rock Studios has announced the upcoming Back 4 Blood patch notes. The game is getting a little more festive to celebrate Christmas, along with the long-awaited offline progression mode. Moreover, the difficulty tuning on the Veteran and Nightmare difficulties is significantly better, and there’s more yet to come.

Back 4 Blood patch notes

The key selling point of the new Back 4 Blood patch notes is the addition of a single-player campaign. Some people were very disappointed when they found out there was no real offline progression in Back 4 Blood, despite having an offline mode. The lack of progression made it incredibly pointless to want to play the game in offline mode. However, that philosophy is changing. After two months of the feature having no progression, the new Back 4 Blood single-player campaign will now allow it.

There is even more content to unlock for those who have heavily enjoyed the game. The game offers players the opportunity to spend their supply on new supply lines, getting new rewards and cards. Among these new supply line rewards, you’ll find a new type of card called the burn card. 

You can grab these burns cards in the Roving Merchants supply lines, which become available when the December update arrives. If you’re wondering, the burn cards are described as safe room cars that grant temporary stats, such as instant healing, currency boosts, better resistance and more. 

Moreso, new cards aren’t necessarily part of the new burn type. These new cards are:

  • Belt Clip – Increase Quickslot Inventory by 1.
  • Utility Belt -Increase Quickslot Inventory by 2. -10% Damage Dealt.
  • Tool Belts – Increase Team Quickslot Inventory by 1.

Back 4 Blood Training Mode

The training mode is getting a significant update too. Players can now select one of the Ridden and get up to grips with the game’s PvP mode. Not to mention you can better a feel of what the Ridden do, meaning you can know them better ready for when you venture deeper into the game’s difficulty settings. On another note, that stat racking in the game now includes stats you get while in training.

Back 4 Blood Christmas event

Even in a zombie apocalypse, the Cleaners still want it to feel like the good times. You’ll find holiday decorations in Forth Hope and the Firing Range, giving you some Christmas cheers while in the safe areas. While the decorations are nice, you can grab festive touches to your characters, such as getting new character skins, weapons skins, emblems and sprays. 

However, the Back 4 Blood patch notes don’t necessarily state which weapons or guns have these new Christmas skins. Moreso, it doesn’t specify how exactly you get these skins either. We are presuming through new Christmas themed supply lines, but that is a hunch.

This is just a quick summary of the full Back 4 Blood patch note. If you want to see the full balance changes, bug fixes and more, you can head to the B4B website and read up on it.

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