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Back 4 Blood Release Date – When You Can Play The Full Game, Plus The Betas

When Will Back 4 Blood Be Released?

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Note: the Back 4 Blood open beta, begins today, 12th August 2021, and is free to play all weekend – read all about it here.

The Back 4 Blood release is soon upon us! The beta of the game has proved hugely popular, and here at WePC we can’t wait until the full game finally comes out.

Back 4 Blood is a co-op zombie shooter in which up to four players must fight off waves of various ‘infected’ enemies known as ‘The Ridden’. If it sounds very similar to Left 4 Dead (in name and concept) that’s because the game is the creation of the original Left 4 Dead developers Turtle Rock Studios.

Read below to find out everything you need to know about the Back $ Blood release date and more.

When Is Back 4 Blood Released?

The official release date of Back 4 Blood is 12 October 2021.

This is not the earliest opportunity you will get to play the game though, as there is a Back 4 Blood closed beta running from August 5th – August 9th and a Back 4 Blood open beta running from August 12th – August 16th.

How Can I Get On The Back 4 Blood Beta?

If you’re interested in playing Back 4 Blood before the official release date, have a read of our guide on How To Get A Back 4 Blood Beta Key to see if you can sign up to either the closed beta or the open beta, to get your hands on the game before the 12th of October.

Can I Run Back For Blood On My PC?

All the above is of course completely useless information if you don’t have a PC that can actually run the game of course! (Unless you’re playing on console that is).

To make sure your machine will cut the mustard, please do have a quick scan of our Back 4 Blood System Requirements page for all the necessary information.

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