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EA Goes To War Over Leaked Battlefield 2042 Gameplay

The Battlefield 2042 leaks look quite good.

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Battlefield 2042 is gaining more and more traction ahead of launch, with many fans hyped for the game’s October 12 release. EA recently showcased a deeper look at the Battlefield 2042 story to propagate the hype and is currently running a technical test to ensure it lives up to expectations. However, a select few have not been able to contain their excitement. There’s now quite a bit of leaked gameplay from the Battlefield 2042 Technical Test on websites like Streamable and Reddit.

While there is nothing shockingly unexpected, it has sent EA on a legal war over the last few hours. Some of the links to the leaked footage are slowly being removed. Unfortunately for EA, it is proving difficult to get streaming websites to take all of the content down. At the time of writing the leaks have been up for over 24 hours and will more than likely stay up for some time more. The good news for EA is plenty of the footage contains on-screen information of who leaked the content. It’s likely these people are probably not gaining access to any more EA Technical Tests anytime soon.

The leaked Battlefield 2042 gameplay shows some of the game’s Specialists, map content and gunplay. We got an unintended closer look at the recently announced Casper, who is the ghilli suit wearing recon expert with his trusty Recon Drone. The other Specialist revealed is Webster Macka, who runs around quieter than most other Specialists and fires a Grappling Hook to get to new positions and heights.

We at WePC don’t think the leaks on Reddit are that big of a blow for EA. Battlefield 2042 certainly doesn’t look like a complete mess two months before launch, which is a good sign. The gameplay looks quite satisfying and the Specialists we’ve seen so far appear interesting and as unique as they sound. If anything, we are anticipating the launch of Battlefield 2042 even more than before we first got our eyes on the leaked gameplay footage.

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