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Battlefield Mobile – BF Mobile Release Date & Features

First screenshots of Battlefield Mobile are finally here!

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Battlefield Mobile has surfaced on the Google Play Store recently and it is sparking a lot of interest but when is it set to release? Well, there is no date on the store just yet, with it just allowing you to add the game to your wishlist but it cannot be far away seeing as it is now featured on Google’s app store. The posting of Battlefield Mobile to the store was seen as a leak/ accident at first but it still hasn’t been taken down, leading many to believe the release date is actually quite near.

Let’s take a look through Battlefield Mobile game features and the available screenshots to see what we can look forward to.

Battlefield Mobile Features

Battlefield Mobile looks to bring FPS combat, team play, and in-game destruction that we all know and love from the franchise into this new game. Across all the game modes in this mobile title, you can experience explosive spectacles, parachute off buildings while firing an RPG, and it wouldn’t be Battlefield if you couldn’t bury your enemies beneath the rubble of a destroyed building.

battlefield mobile features

Squad Up

You and your teammates take part in different maps and game modes that Battlefield fans are going to be familiar with. The game lets you build authentic loadouts with the inclusion of some very interesting gadgets. You can control tanks and ATVs,  and destroy the large-scale environment as you battle it out.

battlefield mobile game modes

Choose Your Class

As is common with FPS games, you can select from a variety of different classes. After choosing from Assault, Support, Medic, or Recon, you then build out your loadout, choosing from a wide selection of skins and gadgets.

battlefield mobile release date

– TACTICAL: Go on foot for tactical agility.
– DESTROY: Commandeer an ATV for explosive speed and surprise.
– STEALTH: Kill stealthily with melee weapons.
– WAR TANKS: Conduct a shock-and-awe campaign in a fully armored tank.
– SANDBOX: Your sandbox, your rules. Battle in land, sea, and air.

Battlefield Mobile Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for Battlefield Mobile just yet but with the Battlefield 2042 launch only a matter of weeks away, many are speculating it could be sooner rather than later. That being said, EA previously stated that the target date for Battlefield Mobile release was in 2022, so we are just going to have to wait for an official announcement.

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