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EA admits Battlefield 2042 “did not meet expectations”

Battlefield Bad to Worse

Updated: Feb 2, 2022 11:09 pm
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As part of the company’s Q3 earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson admitted that Battlefield 2042 “did not meet expectations”. This is a blow for a game already struggling to stay afloat under flagging sales, low player numbers and overall disappointment

An embattled game

Battlefield 2042 has been on something of a losing streak lately. Just over a week ago a new game mode was launched, and then immediately pulled. DICE hope to fix the issue impacting player progression, but the damage has already been done.

And almost directly afterwards, the delay of Battlefield 2042 Season one until summer was announced. This was an even more significant sign that the game was in trouble; was a tacit admission that Battlefield 2042 needed significant improvements. And now bosses at EA have confirmed fan’s suspicions, admitting that the game has been less than satisfying for all involved.

Defending the point

That being said, it isn’t as if EA are throwing up their hands and declaring Battlefield 2042 an outright failure. Whilst being honest about the game’s shortcomings, a large portion of the investor call was given over to putting things in the proper context. Wilson highlighted the fact that the developers had to deal with unprecedented challenges. Switching over to remote working has been a challenge for many studios, and this looked to also be that case for the Battlefield 2042 team

“Developing this game with our teams working from home for nearly two years ultimately proved to be challenging,” Wilson said during the call. “Through our process of testing and preparation we believed the experience was ready to be put in our players’ hands. We launched with strong stability; however, as more players experienced the full game, it became clear there were unanticipated performance issues that we would need to address. Some of the design choices we made with the game also did not resonate with everyone in our community.”

While admitting fault is a rarity with a game as big as Battlefield 2042, there are at least signs that EA are willing to give DICE chance to turn the game’s reputation around.

Battlefield 2042’s future

Despite currently challenging circumstances, Battlefield is still one of EA’s most reliable franchises. Hopefully DICE can pull out all the stops and get the game in working order in time for summer. If so, Season One might just prevent Battlefield 2042 from bleeding out.

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