Beat Saber crossplay and Billie Eilish DLC in same week

After Skrillex, VR crossplay and Billie Eilish Music Pack hit Beat Saber

beat saber billie eilish dlc
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Beat Saber, the popular VR rhythm action game where you hack at oncoming blocks with lightsabers (often knocking over vases, coffee cups, and other liquid-filled household objects in the process), is to receive the Billie Eilish Music Pack on September 21. This comes after Beat Saber crossplay was enabled across Steam and Oculus.

The new music DLC pack will feature ten tracks pulled from Billie Eilish’s two studio albums, 2019’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and this year’s Happier Than Ever. The tracklist for the Billie Eilish Music Pack is yet to be revealed, but we can expect one or two chart toppers in there. Slicing up neon cubes to the likes of Therefore I am and Bad Guy should make for a decent low impact workout, we reckon.

Beat Saber Crossplay – SteamVR and Oculus, but not PSVR

Crossplay in Beat Saber was launched September 15, allowing players on Steam and Oculus to block out together for the first time. Sadly, PSVR Saberers will remain locked in their own reality for the foreseeable future, as that version of Beat Games’ rhythm slice ‘em up lacks any kind of multiplayer support.

Skrillex, Eilish… ?

Last month the much-requested Skrillex Music Pack landed for Beat Saber for $10.99 or $1.99 per track. The same purchase options will be available for the Billie Eilish Music Pack. With two top-tier music offerings in quick succession (after months of relative quiet), could there be a third waiting in the virtual wings?