Bethesda Stamps DOOM Eternal With A November 22, 2019 Release Date

DOOM Eternal e3 2019 release date

We got a first look at DOOM Eternal at last year's E3 and this time around Bethesda used its yearly conference to unveil a release date alongside two slick new trailers for the next iteration of the iconic gory shooter. DOOM Eternal lands on November 22nd, 2019, meaning we don't have all that long to wait to reprise the role of everyone's favorite demon slayer.

DOOM Eternal is a follow up to the 2016 DOOM reboot that drew back fans in droves to the franchise after a lengthy break and lined up countless accolades from the gaming press. The story trailer dropped at E3 provides an insight into the narrative with heavy religious symbolism, almost gothic locales, and a terrifying voice over. The story fits the usual DOOM premise as the DOOM Slayer is entrusted with the task of saving humanity by repelling the forces of Hell as they attempt to overrun the earth. He’s the only one capable of it, so he has no choice but to step up.

Gore, violence, and chugging guitar riffs abound in true DOOM style. Bethesda says, "players need to master a deadly combination of raw firepower, fast movement, aggressive resource management and old-fashioned instinct in DOOM Eternal's demanding encounters.''

The second trailer showcases the multiplayer element of DOOM Eternal, which is a mode titled Battlemode. Each match sees three players battle it out; one as a DOOM Slayer, the other two as demons of their choosing. There are several demon classes to choose from with different movement mechanics, attacks, and abilities, as well as an army of summonable AI demons. The demon side will have to coordinate attacks to take down the vastly superiorly-equipped Slayer player.

Bethesda also revealed details about the DOOM Eternal Collector's Edition that features a full-scale wearable DOOM Slayer helmet, an ID Software lore book, "The Gift of Argent Power" lithograph, an exclusive steel book, and lossless soundtrack. There's also a Year One Pass granting access to two story-based expansions, a Demonic Slayer skin, and classic weapons sound pack in digital form.

DOOM Eternal is headed to PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Google Stadia.