Beyond A Steel Sky gets a launch trailer

Cult classic point and click adventure Beneath A Steel Sky was announced to be getting a sequel last year. Beyond A Steel Sky was to be a modern follow-up to the 1994 cyberpunk adventure. The original game is fondly remembered for it’s marrying of a science fiction setting with absurdist humor.

Although it’s not going to be released for Windows PCs for a little while, we’ve got a launch trailer for the Apple Arcade release. If you’re subscribed to Apple Arcade, you can play this on and iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac computer starting today. Revolution software today announced that it will be hitting Steam some time in July, so not much of a wait at all. The exact date and price of the Steam release are yet to be determined, but the page is live if you want to wishlist it.

The trailer gives us a first proper look at Union City as rendered in detailed 3D. The 2D backdrops of the original game were beautifully drawn, but it always felt like you just got to see a small slice of the city, instead of seeing locations from multiple different angles.

They’ve not completely switched to a modern 3D approach for everything, with certain cutscenes using a comic-book style. Perhaps as a result of comics artist, Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Judge Dredd, Green Lantern) returning to work on the sequel.

You can tell that they’re aiming for a similar style of dark comedy to the original game, and if you pay attention you may spot some returning characters. We’ll have to wait and see how it pays off.

If you’re interested in the series, but never tried the first one, it’s permanently available for absolutely free from If you’re not au fait with point and click adventures from the 90s, you may want to keep a guide at your side for moments when things are a little unintuitive, but give it a try to see how far you can get without one.