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BioShock 2022 sequel — BioShock 4 release date revealed by GeForce NOW Leak

BioShock 4 was in the GeForce NOW Leak. But where is it set?

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A large amount of games were revealed in the massive GeForce Now leak by Ighor July, but perhaps the most interesting reveal is that the BioShock entry could be sooner than we think. Bioshock 2022 was in the list, and that makes us excited.

There are three previous entries in the BioShock series, the most recent of which was BioShock Infinite, which came out all the way back in March 2013 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Cloud Chamber is a new 2K Studio that has been founded specifically to work on entries in the BioShock series, and we know that they’ve been hard at work on the next one but we haven’t really seen anything.

If the leak is legitimate, a new BioShock is a really exciting prospect with a lot of potential for fun and unique ideas. But what could the BioShock 4 game supposedly on the way next year be? 

bioshock 1 rapture

Bioshock 2022: A Return to Rapture?

Rapture, the setting of BioShock, BioShock 2 and the DLC for BioShock Infinite, was an undersea city created by objectivist Andrew Ryan to get away from the American government and the socialists and communists he saw as “parasites”.

Although Ryan took workers and likeminded scientific geniuses with him to create his new nation, things fell apart and approached body horror territory after terrific invention met with terrifying reality.

While a BioShock sequel or reboot could go back to Ryan’s Rapture, we think the ground there has been well worn and we’re not sure it would be the exciting shot in the arm that the series needs in order to come back.

Bioshock 4: A Return to Columbia?

… We hope not. Bioshock Infinite was enough of the floating city Columbia for everyone involved, probably.

Mario Kart 8 Grumble Volcano

Bioshock 2022: Something else! Anything else!

A new location would be ideal. BioShock’s original allure was the fact that it was a horror-ish shooter with super powers set in a strange, fantastical environment that was shaped by the unique ideologies from the antagonists that live there.

We’ve been to the bottom of the seas and the top of the skies, so why not take us to deep underground caverns, to a city powered by geothermals and lava? It could have mole monsters!

Or something else. The only limits for BioShock are clearly established in BioShock Infinite. There’s always a man, there’s always a lighthouse, and there’s always a city. Go nuts with that, Cloud Chamber!

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