Best Black Friday ASUS Monitor Deals

We take a look at the best Black Friday deals for ASUS monitors available so you don't have to.

BF Best ASUS deals

Whatever your needs, monitors tend to be one of the biggest areas of expenditure for desktop PC users. That being the case, Black Friday can be a godsend for getting the best deal possible on the best in monitor technology.

ASUS are one of the leading brands for monitors focused on the PC gaming market. ASUS monitors come in two main lineups: ROG which are their premium range, and TUF which are more budget orientated but which can still boast some impressive specs. As gaming focused monitors, they aren’t really geared towards productivity users, though can obviously still be used for other tasks. Finally ASUS do have a range of curved monitors, which are typically of a lower price point than the premium Alienware curved screens, and so can offer a more affordable solution. Indeed, we aim to make things even more affordable by bringing you all the best savings on ASUS monitors in the run up to, and including, Black Friday, as soon as they appear.

Best Black Friday ASUS Monitor Deals

*Prices are subject to change
Save $40
  • 144hz monitor
  • , Gaming Monitor
tuf 2


Save $40
  • 144hz monitor
  • , Gaming Monitor

What to look for in a Black Friday ASUS Monitor

Prior to purchasing a new screen for your PC, be it an ASUS monitor or one from a different manufacturer, we highly recommend reminding yourself of the different key features and working out which are most important to you in meeting your needs.

Below is a list of the specifications that will likely affect your overall user experience with any monitor you decide to purchase, including its gaming performance and also the price:

  • Bezels
  • Stand
  • Screen Size
  • Refresh Rate
  • Resolution
  • Curved or Flat Screen?

Be sure to check out other brands and offerings on monitors this Black Friday to make sure you pick the best that is suited to you.

How We Choose The Best Black Friday ASUS Monitor Deals

Choosing the best ASUS monitor deal this Black Friday can be difficult if you are short on time and not well versed with all the latest models and arrivals in gaming display marketplace. Fortunately WePC is here to make this job that much easier for you! In the run up to Black Friday we will be using our in-depth knowledge of gaming hardware to determine the best offerings available for ASUS monitors and other gaming screens. We will be doing our best to anticipate the likely deals before they come out, and will be sorting through each and every deal once they are made live to bring you the best value offerings available, keeping all our pages updated with the biggest savings for ASUS gaming displays, whilst stocks still last. Each of our recommendations balances the quality and performance of the monitor against the percentage discounted from the RRP and the overall value for money the product represents compared to competitors.

Where To Find The Best Black Friday ASUS Monitor Deals

This year practically every retailer under the sun will be offering Black Friday discounts on gaming monitors to try and get you to part with your hard earned cash. Such competition to outdo each other on value is obviously music to the ears of the consumer, however the one major downside to all this is finding the time to sift through all the deals available. Here at WePC we know time is money, and so to save you both we’ll be constantly looking for the latest Black Friday ASUS monitor deals, throughout November, and listing them all in one place for your convenience.

The following are a selection of the main, but by no means only, retailers that we will be using to find the best deals available for you on monitors this Black Friday.


Amazon: The main contender when it comes to the biggest number of sales and deals over the wider Black Friday period. We will be scouring the pages of Amazon to find the best discounts on offer for all monitors this November, including ASUS ROG and ASUS TUF gaming monitors.

Newegg: Another big player when it comes to Black Friday discounts is Newegg, and we can certainly expect to see some offers from them on the wider range of ASUS gaming monitors. We will be keeping our pages updated and refreshed with all the biggest savings available from Newegg for ASUS monitors this November period.

Walmart: Though not at the forefront of online deals in the same way as Amazon or Newegg, Walmart is certainly still a potential source of discounts during Black Friday for gaming monitors and other computer hardware. WePC will bring you all the latest Walmart deals on ASUS monitors this Black Friday as they appear.

Best Buy: Best Buy is the fourth major source of potential discounts on ASUS gaming monitors this Black Friday, and we will be gathering the best of the bunch here for your perusal.

When To Buy An ASUS Monitor During Black Friday?

A question we get asked every year in the run up to November is: “When should I buy a gaming monitor during Black Friday?” Usually we recommend holding off until the end of November to get the best bargain on any computer hardware, including ASUS monitors, however this year is different. In an effort to outdo each other, retailers have been making their deals for Black Friday 2020 live as soon as November 5th, who knows what 2021 will bring. Ultimately the choice of when to buy does not have an easy answer: it boils down to a gamble on whether you’re willing to risk losing your existing deal to wait for a better one which may not materialise. Personally, I would recommend just pulling the trigger on any enticing deal you find for an ASUS monitor this Black Friday as soon as you see it, and rest easy knowing you have secured a bargain – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and all that.

Final Thoughts

So this has been our rundown of the best Black Friday ASUS monitor deals. We will be striving to keep all of our deal pages as up to date as possible so you do not miss out this Black Friday and beyond. The earliest deals are already up on the website and the latest and best offers on all gaming monitors will be added as they appear. Let us know which ASUS monitor deals, or indeed any bargains for other brand monitors, you are most looking out for this year and we will make sure we find the best possible savings for you, as soon as possible.