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Bloodborne PC ready for release, suggests the rumor that refuses to die

Please, Sony, Bluepoint, FromSoftware, anyone - help end this torture!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021 3:35 pm
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Bloodborne 2, a remastered Bloodborne, and a Bloodborne PC port are all in development. No? Ok, I’ll continue:

Yes, it’s the most persistent rumor trio in gaming, and it’s back for another week, courtesy of Xbox Era’s Nick “Shpeshal” Baker. Just to remind you, we’ve reported on a likely Bloodborne sequel, PS5 remaster, and PC port before.

There’s not a great deal to add to the belief that Bluepoint Studios (recently acquired by Sony) are simultaneously working on Bloodborne 2 and a Bloodborne 1 remaster, aside from the potential fact that the possible Bloodborne PC port (rumored to be in development at Nixxes – another recent Sony acquisition) is feature-complete and more-or-less ready for release.

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Of course, nothing has been announced by Sony or anyone else on either a Bloodborne PC port, PS5 remaster, or direct Bloodborne sequel, aside from Bluepoint making sly suggestions and the studio being the best candidates to pull such a feat off. However, when you have such prominent leakers and rumor-mongers corroborating one another time and again – combined with sky-high wishful thinking – relief is usually close at hand. 

Let’s hope that some sort of announcement (and official trailer) appears soon, before more Bloodborne rumors come around to haunt our hopes and dreams.

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