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Bloons TD is back with Bloons TD Battle 2

Remember Bloons TD? Well it's back again with yet another instalment, welcome Bloons TD Battles 2!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 4:26 pm
Bloons TD Battle 2

It’s 2008, you are in your religious education class and your teacher decides to put Prince of Egypt (a classic) on in the computer lap for the 4th time this term. You, a good student go onto freemathgames.com and begin to hunt for educational content, and then you see him. The Monke.

Some of y’all will remember Bloons Tower Defense from your days or youth. A game where you defended yourself against the treat of balloons. You would get to set your differently powered monkeys across the playing board, there they’d have to ensure each balloon was popped before reaching the end of the board. As the levels progressed, you’d see the true might of the balloons at play. And, unless you’d been strategic and clever enough, this swarm of inflatable plastic would be your downfall.

Well, this game, which was originally a browser game and one of the popular 2007 Adobe Flash games, is seeing a brand new iteration. That’s not to say that the Bloons TD games haven’t seen any attention since 2007. Quite the opposite, in fact. Since its original release, and its increased popularity, Bloons TD has seen regular new releases. Ninja Kiwi, the team behind it, have a series of Bloons games out. Including Bloons Tower Defense (2007), Bloons Tower Defense 2 (2008), Bloons TD 3 (2008), Bloons TD 4 (2009), Bloons TD 5 (2011), Bloons TD Battles (2012), Bloons Monkey City (2014) and Bloons TD 6 (2018).

That’s a whole lot of Bloons in one paragraph, do forgive me! But you get the idea, the developers have been busy. And even though the first Bloons was one of those games you’d find on Miniclip and spend hours on, it was one of the few that actually grew up with its audiences. Moving away from Flash and into Mobile gaming.

And they’re not done yet either, after their last 2018 release, we’ve gotten a new installement in the Bloons franchise: Bloons TD Battles 2.

Bloons TD Battle 2 1

Bloons TD Battles 2 release date

Well, if you’re eager to play it, then good news! It’s out now, you can download Bloons TD Battles 2 today on Steam, iOS and Android.

Bloons TD Battles 2 overview

So what’s new in this one? Well you saw that the last Bloons TD Battles was released in 2012, so there’s been plenty of time for improvements. Well a lot of the Heroes will be the same, you’ll recognise a fair few of them.

Competitive Tower Defense!

  • Outwit and overwhelm your opponent in intense head-to-head play
  • Balance the strength of your defenses while preparing a Bloon offensive that blitzes your opponent
  • Countless strategic combinations can lead you to victory

Skill Based Gameplay!

  • Match with players of similar rank as you work your way through 9 unique arenas
  • Reach Hall of Masters to battle the best on a dynamic elo-based leaderboard
  • Earn and display unique badges each season based on progress

Lock and Load!

  • Select from familiar Heroes and brand new Alts with unique upgrades
  • 22 Monkey Towers with 15 unique upgrades each to customize your build
  • Brand new Bloon send system optimizes economy building and attacks

Build Your Bling!

  • Win in style as you customise your loadout from hundreds of cosmetic items
  • Flex with unique animations, emotes, bloon skins, and more
  • New content added every season!

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