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Brawlhalla patch notes – January 2022 tentative changes appear on Brawlhalla site

Munin and Mordex are getting some nasty nerfs in the upcoming Brawlhalla patch notes.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022 4:51 pm
Brawlhalla patch notes – January 2022 tentative changes appear on Brawlhalla site

It appears there are some tentative Brawlhalla patch notes players can take a look at on the Brawlhalla site. The developers recently published the content on their website, making it easy for players to communicate and engage on the way the games balance changes are currently fluttering in the wind.

Tentative Brawlhalla patch notes

It appears the Brawlhalla patch notes target major nerfs to some of the biggest characters and weapons in the game. Take the axe, for example. The axe seems to get a decent nerf across the board. The Axe down light attack has a longer recovery time, while the neutral air and down moves have lower attack acceleration. All in all, it should be easier to dodge or get smacked a lot less when a character whips out the axe.

Meanwhile, the hammer is a weaker weapon as well. It has a weaker recovery time, (just like the axe) along with weaker acceleration. It seems like the theme among the weapons is heavy hitters are nerfed.

On the other hand, it seems like the Lance and the Katars are the chosen ones in the upcoming Brawlhalla patch notes. The Katars have decreased recovery time, while the stun from range is now more reliable. As for the lance, it has a better threat area, while the logic of the weapon is generally greater. How these affect characters with these weapons remain to be seen.

As for the characters, the most stand-out balance changes in the Brawlhalla tentative patch notes is Mordex. It appears Mordex’’s reign as a community favoured S Tier pick may finally come to an end. Mordex side and down gauntlet have a slightly decreased force, meaning he objectively hits weaker, though they still pack a punch.

The other character with a significant amount of changes is Munin, who has four bullet points worth of notes. The tentative patch notes features an increased total recovery on Munin’s side bow. Meanwhile, Munin’s down bow and scythe attacks have decreased force. This raven cannot get away with flying around with a bow for much longer. His three-month rockstar reign of terror may finally come to an end.

There’s also plenty of other changes, but these seem the most significant among the tentative Brawlhalla patch notes. We recommend checking them out here.

As for the time frame of the patch, we could be expecting it in the next week or so. The ideal is not to let these patch notes go out too close to the Winter Championship, as that may throw the entire tournament in the air. We advise keeping a closer eye on the Brawlhalla website or socials to know when exactly the new balance changes drop. It shouldn’t be too long, considering the new Ranked season is now live.

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Image via Ubisoft / Blue Mammoth Games.

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