Brewster is back in Animal Crossing New Horizons in November

Animal Crossing New Horizons coffee shop is another museum expansion.

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It’s been a long while since the last Animal Crossing New Horizons update, but there was something for almost everyone in the September 2021 Nintendo Direct and that includes the Animal Crossing fans. We can now confirm that Brewster the pigeon coffee company owner is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons in November. 

Brewster’s new coffee shop will be an addition to the upper floor of the museum, next to the art gallery that is added after the player donates their first non-fraudulent work of art to the well respected owl museum owner Blathers.

What is The Roost in Animal Crossing?

This is quite different from previous games Wild World and City Folk, where Brewster’s café, the Roost, was a basement room. In the 3DS game New Leaf, it was a unique building that could be built after enough donations from people living in the area. The Roost coffee shop will be available to the player 24-7, making it one of a handful of game features that can also be used at night.

It has yet to be seen what other features will be available in The Roost, but we hope that alongside buying a coffee every day for 200 bells, we can chat to our villagers about new and interesting things — and maybe even start up a brand new gyroid collection.

Nintendo have explained that they’ll go into more detail on what’s in the November Animal Crossing update in another Animal Crossing-specific Nintendo Direct this October. We’ll be sure to cover it.

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