Call Of Duty Vanguard Trailer

The Call Of Duty Vanguard Trailer Released During The COD Warzone Live Event - Battle Of Verdansk

Call Of Duty Vanguard trailer
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Latest Update: August 19th – The official Call of Duty Vanguard reveal has come! The Call Of Duty Vanguard Release date is November 5, 2021. See below for the official reveal trailer.

Questions regarding the latest Call Of Duty release date and reveal trailer have been bubbling around social media and internet forums for some time now – with anticipation growing for another exciting title within the COD ranks.

Whilst information on the new Call Of Duty has been scarce of late, yesterday played host to some pretty exciting news regarding Call Of Duty Vanguard – the latest WWII installment of the Ubisoft franchise.

The news came of leaked images on Twitter, Imgur, and Reddit. Whilst this is great for Call Of Duty fans, we still haven’t had an official reveal trailer as of yet.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Trailer Reveal

Below is the trailer which was revealed in the Call Of Duty Warzone event: The Battle Of Verdansk.

It shows the many different theatres of war involved in the new game, including the classic Western Front, and the Pacific Battle between the US and the Japanese.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Release Date

COD Vanguard release date

The trailer for Vanguard revealed the release date to be November 5, 2021!